Services provided by BAG RelEx

Networking, exchange of expertise and continuing development

The civil society actors working in prevention and de-radicalisation are embedded in local communities: they have direct access to their target groups and often enjoy greater trust than governmental authorities such as the Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office), schools or police. Hence, civil society organizations are essential partners in larger societal efforts to empower young people to handle social and ideological diversity and to experience it as a valuable asset in their personal lives. Depending on the location and target groups, civil society actors have developed a wide range of approaches. BAG RelEx intends to enhance networking among these organisations and to promote the exchange of expertise regarding approaches and methods.

What BAG RelEx offers

BAG RelEx provides forums for networking and exchange of experience for experts. For example, different working groups draft quality standards reflecting members’ experiences and the substantive, technical, and legal requirements that countering violent extremism (CVE) must fulfil. Based on these quality standards, BAG RelEx makes a contribution to further professionalisation in CVE and provides qualified consultation to newly established civil society actors and government authorities. Members receive assistance and inspiration for their own work through the professional exchange of opinions and jointly developed quality standards. Thus BAG RelEx also makes a contribution to assuring the quality of civil society offerings in a challenging and socially and politically sensitive environment. BAG RelEx represents the interests of its members in dealings with public institutions and raises the broader public’s awareness of the necessity of CVE.

Benefits at a glance

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Exchange of expertise

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Continuing development


BAG RelEx encourages networking among civil society actors and promotes the exchange of information with politicians, administrators, and researchers.

  • Central contact for agents in politics, research and other public institutions
  • Organisation of public and internal specialist symposiums
  • Online offers for exchange of expertise and ongoing education (webinars)


Exchange of expertise

BAG RelEx promotes the exchange of expertise on the topic of religiously motivated extremism as well as with actors working on other forms of extremism.

  • Forums and working groups, e.g. for the development of quality standards, investigating the role of sex and gender in radicalisation processes and addressing fundamental issues in de-radicalisation
  • Forums for exchanges with actors in adjacent fields


Continuing development

The continuing development of approaches to prevention and de-radicalisation and the development of quality standards is one of the key tasks of BAG RelEx. The working groups within the network are the basis for an intense discussion of approaches and methods. Furthermore, BAG RelEx seeks to engage with other organizations who are important for successful and sustainable work in the field of preventing radicalization.

  • Contribution to professionalisation and further substantive and methodological development
  • Elaboration of criteria for successful prevention/de-radicalisation work
  • Information on the work and effects of prevention and de-radicalisation in the field of religiously motivated extremism
  • Contribution to assuring the quality of the multitude of approaches to de-radicalisation