About BAG RelEx

BAG RelEx sets standards

The development of quality standards is one of the major objectives of BAG RelEx. In working groups, members exchange views on technical and substantive standards in different areas (e.g. intercultural work, social casework, anti-discrimination work, parental counselling), but also in the different sectors of prevention and de-radicalisation, and draft common standards which are also to serve as a basis for the work of new organisations in the field of de-radicalisation. The initial publication of these standards is planned for 2020. BAG RelEx incorporates current developments in its areas of expertise and the results obtained by other organisations into the conception of these standards.

Mode of operation

The exchange and advancement of content and methods between member organisations are the key elements of the working groups. In addition to taking into account their own experience from their work contexts, the working groups also assess approaches and experiences from adjoining fields to determine whether they can be transferred to their own field of work — universal prevention and de-radicalisation. Furthermore, the working groups promote the exchange of information between practitioners and researchers and provide room for the presentation of research and results relevant for practitioners.